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I love eXp Realty. My plan while getting my broker license was to open my own brokerage. I liked the idea of doing my own thing. If you’ve thought about this – or already done it – then you know what is involved.

  – a brokerage name
an office (outside your home if you have agents)
  – technology systems to keep it all running smoothly
an MLS link from your local board (paid for annually
you being where the buck stops for compliance and liability issues for you and the agents in your firm
recruiting agents to work for you
  – sleepless nights and lots of stress to keep it profitable and protected

Is this why you got into real estate? Maybe. Maybe you got your license to start a business so others could work for you. Congrats! If you decide to trade in the potential legal and liability issues of having agents work for you, then consider moving your operations to eXp (like many other brokerages are doing). Some brokers have moved to eXp and brought 20, 50, even more than 100 agents with them. It’s like having your own brokerage without the risks.

It’s likely you got into real estate to help others buy or sell property. You wanted a “job” where you control your schedule, where you have influence over your income, where you control your own destiny. Now you want something more. Maybe you want more support from your broker. Maybe you want less involvement from your broker. Maybe you want your own brokerage.

Consider eXp. There is a broker. There is compliance to state law.


  – eXp Realty is “agent-success obsessed”
  – eXp Realty gives you the freedom to operate your business they way you want (within the compliance guidelines)
  – eXp Realty sets you up with an exit strategy for life beyond real estate
  – eXp Realty provides the technology resources to run your business from anywhere

If you want something more, give me a call. I would love to help you have a future in real estate that is focused on your success and prepares you for a future beyond real estate. You can also click the button below for all the details or watch some of the videos.
Have a blessed day!  ? 

– Jeff

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